Watch Miley Cyrus transform before you believe

Miley Cyrus

There was once a budding pop princess with a star as bright as the future that laid ahead. But as tends to be the case with these girls, her star began to dim. Every young girl everywhere wanted to be like her and she was a role model for kids growing up. Oh how we miss this Miley. Will she ever return?

Smiley Miley

Some people may not know that back in school Miley was actually nicknamed Smiley because of her beautiful smile. She was smiling all the time and it always inspired other people to do the same. The nicknames she gets nowadays are quite different and not so complimentary.

Miley Is That You?

Ok is that Miley Cyrus or some sort of space alien? Maybe an extra from Blade Runner? The truth is that we don’t know. We understand Miley that you want people to know you’re a rebel now but you’re trying way too hard to get your point across.