The Most Overused Movie Poster Cliches: They all look the same!

Lone Eye

The lone eye is popular for most thrillers and horror movies. The eye itself is a very interesting body part, and different things can be seen in every eyes. Most of the eyes used in these posters are sinister with secrets to keep. You can see the life they led, and their mental state just by peering into the giant eye, looking back at you. A great draw for any movie who wants to attract hard core horror fans.

In Bed

A couple in bed makes for a humorous poster, and film makers take advantage of this in many movies. The Break Up, with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, is a perfect example of this. With the line down the middle and the name of the film, we get the movie premise right away. Meryl Streep in bed with Alec Baldwin is another eye catcher, that drew viewers in, not to mention the great dialogue and plot.

Black, White, and Flames

When it comes to action movies, designers love to mix black and white photography with a dash of color. Bruce Willis is a famous face who graces posters for his Die Hard films in this manner. Fast and furious is another money maker that used this type of poster to their advantage. Usually it’s black and white with a splash of red, orange of yellow to draw in the eye and capture the viewer.