The Creepiest Places on Planet Earth

The Catacombs

Paris doesn’t immediately spring to mind when thinking about the creepiest places on earth. But underneath the croissants and cobblestone streets are miles of underground tunnels. And those tunnels are filled with the bones of dead Frenchmen. When Paris’ cemeteries began to fill up, the French simply began to shove corpses away underground. At last count, there were around 6 million bodies stored in the deep, dank passageways of Paris.


The Akodessewa Fetish Market may be the best place in the world to fall prey to a voodoo curse. This fetish market has all of the shrunken heads and mummified remains that the indigenous people of Togo need to practice their craft. But it’s not all mummies and parts. There are bones, cauldrons and mysterious potions as well. Tourists have been officially advised to avoid Akodessewa when at all possible.