The 21 highest superhero salaries of all time; no.1 will surprise you!

Christopher Reeve Earned $250,000 for Both Superman I and II

Reeve was picked from over 200 actors who auditioned for the role. Superman and Superman II were shot simultaneously and Reeve was reportedly paid $250,000 for both movies. It is estimated that the Superman franchise earned the actor a total of $3.7 million.

It was initially decided to sign an A-list actor for the role of Superman. Robert Redford was offered a large sum, but didn’t take the part. Burt Reynolds also turned down the role and Sylvester Stallone was interested, however nothing ever came of it.

Michelle Pfieffer Earned $3 Million for Batman Returns

Pfeiffer’s $3 million salary for playing Catwoman was $2 million more than what was offered to Annette Bening. Bening was originally cast as Catwoman in Batman Returns, but was replaced by Michelle Pfeiffer when she became pregnant. To many Batman fans this casting switch paid off as Pfeiffer ended up creating a very memorable version of the character.