That is wildlife photography
Besides this bond with nature, I enjoy the challenge that is wildlife photography. As there are numerous things you have to deal with when you’re shooting a moving animal, finally getting the perfect shot makes for an unspeakable feeling of …
Skirts That Should Be Illegal
How many of you can wear any of these skirts? I guess many “decent” ladies won’t like to rock it. But here also are some ladies wearing it without apologies. See the ultimate illegal skirts below:
Surprising Foods That Will Give You Cancer
Genetically-Modified Organisms Studies show the GMO food crops and chemicals used to grow them cause rapid tumor growth in test animals. GMOs can be found in most food products made from conventional corn, soybeans, canola and a new future tomato. …
Celebrities facts that you never heard
Brad Pitt is banned from entering China Because of his role in “Seven Years in Tibet” A likely story. Our bet? The Chinese government saw Brad stealing hearts left and right here in America and decided they didn’t need the …
10 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
Your Map of the Continents Is Completely Wrong The map you’ve always seen is western-centric and exaggerates the size of North America and Europe. Here’s what the continents really look like; South America and Africa are much larger than most …