Funny Expression Dog Photography
“The Dog Show,” we reveal the human-like traits of different breeds of dogs. Some dogs are somber, others mischievous, haughty, laughing, sad, angry, indifferent.   This series of funny and insightful dog portraits received the Silver Award of the Prix …
20 Creative and Funny Toilet Signs
‘Flush the toilet’, ‘enjoy the fresh air’ or ‘wash those hands’ are funny messages that make us smile while spending moments at the toilet. When attached to inspiring drawings and symbols, the exp  
Photoshopped Funny 3D Truck Ads Design
Advertising is a great way to get people to know your product and company. Although I realize that the images in this article are Photoshopped I do think that if they were real they would make great  
Funny Marriage Proposal Fails
 Pizza Love This what happens when you propose with a pizza as your support system – something that looks like it’s going to force you to spend the night in the bathroom.      Funny Marriage Proposal Fails Notice the …
Funny T-Shirts
What about Rock? We’re laughing now but we have a feeling that didn’t go over so well in real life… search on web :Funny Humor T Shirts (1)