Beautiful Wedding Cake Designs
Weddings and cakes walk together hand in hand. A wedding is definitely incomplete without a wedding cake that is happily cut by the newly wed couple! *Awww* A moment to capture and cherish all your life, isn’t it? While cake …
Beautiful Tree Art Painting & Art Works
Remember when you were a kid and right when you start your actual art classes, what was the first thing that you learned to draw and paint? A tree! Isn’t that right? Now, that was in the beginning, but there …
Beautiful Aboriginal Art
Art is not something that happened in one era and that too when human beings were in a position where their basic needs were taken care of and they had the luxury of time and leisure to indulge in artistic …
10 Most Beautiful & Colorful Butterflies
10 Most Beautiful & Colorful Butterflies Butterflies are among the most colorful and beautiful insects. They are God’s most unique creations. A butterfly is a mainly day-flying insect of the order Lepidoptera, which includes the butterflies …        …
10 most Beautiful and Colorful Fishes
10 most Beautiful and Colorful Fishes Fish is one of the most beautiful specie that have the most amazing colors and markings. From thousands species, I try to make a list of the most beautiful and colorful fishes around the …
The Most Beautiful Pictures of 2013
Looking Down From Lion’s Head: By Trottin-The-Globe Perched on a ledge 2,195 ft above the sea, this guy is super brave! Lion’s Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, between Table Mountain and Signal Hill.  next