Cutest Animals You’ve Never Heard Of
The Roloway Monkey Aww, just look at this little fellow clinging on to his soft toy! This is a baby Roloway Monkey, and they are only found in a small area of eastern Côte d’Ivoire and in the forests of …
Check out Celebrity make-up fails!
Holland Roden: White as a Ghost Although Roden’s face foundation shade matches the rest of her coloring, she still manages to look overly powdered. Perhaps the ‘Teen Wolf’ actress might’ve preferred a role in ‘True Blood’? next
Why We’ll Miss Blockbuster
Out Of Stock Can you imagine logging onto Hulu only to find out that too many people had streamed Parks & Rec for the day and so you’d have to try back again tomorrow? Well, for those of us born …
Amazing High-Tech Treehouses
Resort Spa Treehouse, Bali Imagine a tropical 5-star villa nestled in trees over a river gorge. This paradise resort is constructed all from natural materials. Included is an infinity swimming pool, culinary meals and the added comfort of a spa …
Most Terrifying Childhood Hairstyles
Going For It All Fair warning, the following hairstyles were probably cool at the time, but it was a very different time. Rat tails were abolished by kids as soon as the Backstreet Boys entered our lives and the same …
Awesome Caves Around The World
Glowworm Cave: Waitomo, New Zealand These mini lights may look like twinkling stars, but they’re bioluminescence worms! Actually they’re larvae and adult female larviform that are about the size of a mosquito. The Waitomo caves are filled with the glowworms, …
Biggest Zodiac Mismatches
Cancer and Sagittarius Surprisingly, these two can often times be too much a like to make a great match. You are more likely to find a great friend in the other, but nothing beyond the friend zone is likely to …
Celebs with Cosmetic Surgery
  Blake Lively The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress had a breast augmentation some time before 2006, as well as having a rhinoplasty procedure. Some cosmetic surgery experts also believe that the star has had work done to her chin bas well.
Before and After Makeup Celebs
Heidi Klum This German beauty proves below she’s not always ready for the runway. But on a family day out, we suppose we’ll give her a pass. One things this proves however, is that a little makeup can work wonders! …
How to make her fall in love
Advice Time While you may not need (or want) your girl’s advice all the time, sometimes it’s nice to consult her to make her feel appreciated and wanted. Even if it’s just about a small matter, girls love helping their …
Strange and Outrageous Coffins
Chicken Coffin Some people choose to get buried in very strange coffins! For example, for the Ga tribe who live on the coastal area in Ghana, funerals aren’t just mourning ceremonies but also celebrations of life and voyages to the …
Beautiful Goth Makeup
Gothier Than Thou Wow, she’s unnervingly beautiful in true goth fashion and the saran wrap dress completes the look! This is when fun makeup experimentation comes into play. Yes, goths can have fun! Play around with colors, tones and textures …
Sexy or Trashy
Selena Gomez Remember that awkward feeling you got the first time you saw Selena dancing around half naked in ‘Spring Breakers’? Yeah, that was your childhood crying just a little. These days she’s doing the ol’ “trying to erase my …
Hollywood Style Icons: Women
Elizabeth Taylor The ultimate Hollywood Siren goes beyond iconic in this pic! The violet-eyed actress was not only gorgeous but she held two Academy Awards and many other accolades.