Awesome Nail Art
Nail Art Everybody loves presents, and with the use of gold bow nail stickers, you too can transform your nails into pretty, wrapped gifts.  
The Surprising Celebrity Bankruptcies
Pamela Anderson It’s been in the news that the former ‘Bay Watch’ beauty Pamela Anderson is in financial dire straights. In 2009 there were rumors that she filed for bankruptcy because she’d moved into a beachside trailer in Malibu with …
How Women Transform With Makeup
Make Up You could not convince most people that this is the same person! With the colorful contacts, she looks like she’s barely even related to the woman underneath all of that makeup! Red Lip Red lipstick is a quick …
The Top 15 Sexiest British Actors & Actress of 2013
Keira Knightley The actress first caught Hollywood’s attention with her performance in “Bend it Like Beckham”, but stole audiences’s with her Elizabeth Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice” and her dazzling performance in “Atonement”. She’s come a long way from playing …
How to Look Super Hot & sexy
Red Lipstick Since the beginning of time, men have be seduced by hot red lips. Use a waxy chapstick and matching lipliner for the base. Apply the lipstick with a patting/dabbing motion (take your time with this to get the …
Cutest Puppies on Instagram
Squeeze  This little fur ball won’t grow much larger and is perhaps the cutest dog in the world. The reason it’s hard to figure out the breed is that it’s a Pomeranian with a haircut. This little guy sure looks …
Hot & Sexy Girls of 2013
Jennifer Lawrence J-Law is a force of nature. A talented actress, a natural beauty, a magnetic, unflappable personality, every girl wants to be her friend and every guy wants to be more than her friend. We can’t wait for ‘American …
The Strangest Hotels on Earth
The Manta Resort The Manta Resort’s Underwater Room is an astonishing – and astonishingly expensive — tiny private island for rent. You can sunbathe or stargaze on the roof of the structure, relax and dine on the main floor, and …
Sexy Women as Action Heroes
 Milla Jovovich  (Resident Evil) Milla Jovovich wooed us in “The Fifth Element”, but we didn’t see her action star potential until she became Alice in the “Resident Evil” series. With a fashion model’s grace, a porcelain beauty, and spot-on moves, …
Actresses Known For Beauty AND Talent
Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson has been seen in over 30 big screen pictures in person or as a voice, and garnered five major award nominations. Scar-Jo made her motion picture debut way back in 1994 in the film “North” and …