Abstract Paintings Of Women
Women are such complex subjects when it comes to painting them no matter what medium you use whether it is watercolors or oils or acrylic paints. It somehow seems to make sense to paint them in the abstract because this …
London’s Mail Rail
For seventy-six years, starting from 1927, the London Post Office operated a fleet of driverless electric trains that scuttled around pairs of narrow gauge rails deep under the ground hauling mails between various sorting offices. The Mail Rail ran from …
Simple and Sober Office Decoration Ideas
The concept of going to office and working though still alive has been modified with many of us choosing to telecommute and working from home. Which means in this article, when we talk about simple and sober office decoration ideas, …
Fascinating Examples of Food Art Works
Food, while considered a necessity of life has also been known to inspire a lot of creativity and many have talked about the art of cooking. It is true that food and especially the cooking of it is considered a …
Clever Examples of Window Art
Windows are not meant to welcome the fresh air only but can be more useful in various ways. Either it’s for your small hanging flower pot that you want to hang on or the stained glass that would intensify its …
Magical Moon Tattoo Designs
Moon – the subject of so many romantic poems, notions, and that too in spite of the scientific discoveries that we have made about this celestial body. It should hardly come as a surprise to you that the moon has …
Skirts That Should Be Illegal
How many of you can wear any of these skirts? I guess many “decent” ladies won’t like to rock it. But here also are some ladies wearing it without apologies. See the ultimate illegal skirts below:
Hilarious camel toe fails
The camel toe is either a defect or a great added feature of yoga pants or in bikini depending how you look at it. Here are 30 epic pics demonstrating this phenomenon  
Bollywood celebrity with big camel toe
Even celebrities are victims of poor outfit choices. Sometimes they don’t take the added time to look in the mirror and make sure things are fitted well. The sad part for them is we’ll always be able to look back …
celebrities camel toe 1
There isn’t an adult in the world who hasn’t had a bad hair day, or put on an ugly outfit they later regretted. For those of you who are old enough, I’m sure you rocked out some MC Hammer pants. …
Unique Tribal Home Decoration Ideas
When it comes to decorating your home, we are sure that you have a lot of concepts in mind but when it comes to down to making the actual choice, you may find it difficult to take the decision. However, …
Most Creative Towel Folding Ideas
One of the visuals that stand out when you visit a luxurious hotel or a high end club or some such places, is the way the towels in that place are folded. In fact, if you were an ardent fan …
Food and Flowers Dresses
Most parents tell their kids not to play with their food, but for oil painter Alya Chaglar and her 3-year-old daughter, Stefani, playing with food is part of their daily fun. Using the power of perspective, Chaglar holds pieces of …
Awesomely Cool Motorcycle Helmet Designs
Many of us see Motorcycle Helmet Designs as boring and uninspiring, they’re often a single color and lack and type of design. you’ll need to scour the web to find some decent looking helmet designs