Most Creative Towel Folding Ideas

One of the visuals that stand out when you visit a luxurious hotel or a high end club or some such places, is the way the towels in that place are folded. In fact, if you were an ardent fan of the sitcom ‘Two and a half men’, you would remember this particular episode where Berta leaves for a vacation leaving a substitute housekeeper to take care of the men. In this episode, Charlie start loving the new housekeeper and keeps expounding her virtues. One of the things that he talks about the way she turns the towels in his bathroom into swans. He even suggests that he keep her and that he will undo the swan so his regular housekeeper Berta would not know he was cheating on her with another housekeeper. While the whole episode was funny, the one impression that remained in our head was that of the fancy towel folding. However, at this point, we are digressing and we wish to draw your attention back to the concept of creative towel folding ideas, which have a lot of scope. If you want, you can add this idea to your real I am bored jar ideas so that you can pick up the art when you get the chit asking you to learn it.