Mind Blowing Facts That You Didn’t Know About Coffee

Coffee Beans Are Actually Seeds

It’s called a “bean” because it looks like one after being dried and roasted, but really the coffee bean is the seed inside a red fruit berry. Do you think the berry resembles the new health trend, the acai fruit? Evidently both share beneficial properties like: anti-oxidents, increasing energy, weight control and more!

Coffee As An Alternative Car Fuel

Scientists are researching new uses of coffee beans. Their studies show the food source not only energizes us, but can possibly replace fossil fuel to power motor engines in the future. Wow amazing!

Sixty percent of people in the U.S. drink approximately 646 million cups per day, yet many of these fascinating coffee facts are unknown!

A Creature’s Role In Coffee-Making

There’s a species of Asian civets that loves to eat coffee beans! Now, are you sitting? It’s the civet’s droppings of coffee beans called Kopi Luwak, that are a delicacy. Its brew is one of the world’s most expensive boutique variety of coffees!