How Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Made the World a Better Place

Nelson Mandela Set an Example that Is Impossible to Follow

A person as purely selfless as Nelson Mandela does not come around often, and when they pass away it is one of the saddest times for humans as a whole. It is sad in the way that losing anyone inspirational is painful, but it is much more with someone as extraordinary as Mandela because there is the undeniable sense that we will never see someone who was so selfless ever again. When we consider what it takes for someone to practically choose imprisonment for 28 years of their existence in order to improve the lives of people who are mostly strangers, it is hard to fathom. In a world where politicians have become synonymous with self-promotion and deception, it would be an insult to refer to Nelson Mandela as a politician. Mandela was and will remain the closest thing we will have to the perfect human, and we hope he gets the coverage he deserves, at least more than Michael Jackson got.

A Man Born with a Selfless Heart

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela grew up in a world where the Black population was treated as a second class people, and he left the world at the age of 95 in a world where men of African descent have seen unprecedented success. His role in this slow and contentious transition throughout the world cannot be understated nor truly understood by most who did not witness his impact firsthand. He knew just how drastic a sacrifice it would take to free his country of a despotic white ruling government in a country composed overwhelmingly of Black citizens, and he was more than willing to endure it. He is one of the most inspirational figures in history, and we celebrate his unrivaled impact on human rights and the world as a whole.