Creative and Unique USB Flash Drive Ideas

Whether it’s business or personal life, we need to carry or move data from one place to another, USB flash drives are meant for that. Most of us even use these drives to backup and store our data. USB flash drives are available in different sized ranging MB’s to TB’s. That’s the reason why Pen drives are made to be comfort and convenient.

Thumb drives are now became one of the main marketing technique to attract the customer and to use as customer retention technique. Depend on the industry and the personal interest, designers come up with some truly amazing, creative and unique designs of USB devices.

There are thousands of flash drive designs available in the internet from which these caught our attention. We picked the designs considering the uniqueness, usability, comfort and availability to purchase. Hope you like it. Leave your feedback.

1. Stone USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive looks like a stone! It is an imitation of a stone from polymer clay. Good for people who loves nature and Eco things.

 You can always carry a stone in your pocket or bag and only when you plug the flash drive to a computer, your friends will know it’s a flash drive.