Japanese Milk Delivery Boxes
For many western countries, doorstep milk delivery is a thing of the past, but in Japan, millions of people still rely on the milkman for fresh milk everyday. Many traditional Japanese homes have milk delivery boxes, which are wooden boxes …
The Earth Pyramids of South Tyrol
At many places across South Tyrol, in northern Italy, one can see a peculiar geological formation called “earth pyramids”. They consist of tall cone-shaped pillars made of clay, with a boulder resting on top. These unusual structures started forming from …
Designer Creates Brilliantly Useless Product Designs
“The Uncomfortable” is a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani. While most of product designers are often trying to make objects as useful as possible, Kamprani here does the exact opposite trying to discover the best …
Puzzling Gravestones
When Canadian doctor Samuel Bean lost his first two wives, Henrietta and Susanna, within 20 months of each other, he decided that the was best way to honor them would be to create a tombstone dedicated to a hobby they …
The Devil’s Corkscrews
  In the mid-1800s, ranchers across Sioux County, in the US state of Nebraska, began unearthing strange, spiral structures of hardened rock-like material sticking vertically out of the ground. The spirals were as thick as an arm and some of …
The Nightmare before Christmas pumpkin carving list
There is a strong connection in folklore and popular culture between pumpkins and the supernatural. The jack-o-lantern custom connected to Halloween is probably the most specific of all when it comes to folklore. In Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, …
Kattenstoet: The Cat Throwing Festival
For the last sixty years, the city of Ypres in Belgium has held a popular “Cat Parade” that draws visitors from around the country. Kattenstoet, or the “Festival of the Cats”, is held once every three years and consist chiefly …
London’s Mail Rail
For seventy-six years, starting from 1927, the London Post Office operated a fleet of driverless electric trains that scuttled around pairs of narrow gauge rails deep under the ground hauling mails between various sorting offices. The Mail Rail ran from …
Dresses Made From Balloons
I couldn’t believe it when I was searching around the Internet the other day, I found these amazing dresses made out of balloons! They are just fantastic  
World’s Most Popped Out Eyes
Hope and pray that you never end up eye-to-eye with Claudio Pinto, a Belo Horizonte native with the ability to pop out both of his eyes a whopping 1-1/2 inches!   search on web :popped eyes (1)
FAT Tyre Motorcycle Dream Bike
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Unbelievable Arts Of Real Tress
Becky Northey make furniture and sculpture from trees. What’s unique about their method is that they shape the trees into predetermined objects while the trees are still growing. The name they have gi…