Dresses Made From Balloons
I couldn’t believe it when I was searching around the Internet the other day, I found these amazing dresses made out of balloons! They are just fantastic  
World’s Most Popped Out Eyes
Hope and pray that you never end up eye-to-eye with Claudio Pinto, a Belo Horizonte native with the ability to pop out both of his eyes a whopping 1-1/2 inches!   search on web :eyes pop out (1)pop out eyes …
FAT Tyre Motorcycle Dream Bike
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Unbelievable Arts Of Real Tress
Becky Northey make furniture and sculpture from trees. What’s unique about their method is that they shape the trees into predetermined objects while the trees are still growing. The name they have gi…
The 16 Weirdest Sex World Records
The world is full of weird and confusing sex facts. There are strange and bizarre sex practices in every culture. But, for each and every one, there can be only one world record. We’ve listed 16 of th…