Friendly Border between 2 countries
Canada & United States  The Canada–United States border, officially known as the International Boundary, is the longest international border in the world shared between the same pair of countries. The terrestrial boundary (including small portions of maritime boundaries on the …
Tension Border between 2 countries
India & China The McMahon Line is a line agreed to by Britain and Tibet as part of the Simla Accord, a treaty signed in 1914. It is the effective boundary between China and India, although its legal status is …
YES, These Photos Of Ghosts Are For Real
Look Behind The Officer! The WWI military squadron of officer Sir Victor Goddard was photographed by him in 1919. But after developing the film, he noticed the ghostly face of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic who was accidentally killed by …
Unbelievable Examples of Forced Perspective
Mind Blown Forced perspective isn’t just for still images. This forced perspective gif has been viral for a while. It’s mesmerizing. People have lost full minutes staring at this. What exactly is going on? It’s not trick photography. It’s all …
Photos Of Total Strangers In Intimate Poses
Transport Embrace Two strangers embrace while travelling on public transport, but you’d be forgiven for thinking these two people had known one another for a long time. After all, it’s not everyday that strangers embrace one another in such intimate …
The Most Beautiful Pictures of 2013
Looking Down From Lion’s Head: By Trottin-The-Globe Perched on a ledge 2,195 ft above the sea, this guy is super brave! Lion’s Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, between Table Mountain and Signal Hill.  next
Mind blowing Nature Photograph
Hot Pink Suddenly, all at one moment, everything decided to turn hot pink Tree that has clouds for leaves… It looks like the tree extends into the sky. The clouds like white leaves
Hot & Sexy Girls of 2013
Jennifer Lawrence J-Law is a force of nature. A talented actress, a natural beauty, a magnetic, unflappable personality, every girl wants to be her friend and every guy wants to be more than her friend. We can’t wait for ‘American …
Mind-Bending Illusions and Eye Tricks
The “In Need of a Serious Makeover” Illusion What’s that? Taking a normal photo of an attractive woman and flipping it upside down doesn’t make an illusion, you say? Fair enough. We apologize. Just turn your screen (or your head) …
Photos Watch Carefully
  girl’s large hairy bicep This girl’s large hairy bicep is kind of weird, almost as weird as her decision to wear a denim vest . . . Ugly Baby That baby looks like he’s seen some years of hard …