Unbelievable World Records
Longest time buried alive Zdenek Zahradka survived 10 days buried in a coffin underground with only a breathing pipe connecting him to the outside. The Czech Republic man managed to go without food or water for the entire time, shattering …
10 Examples of Instant Karma
instant karma We like to think the dog knew what was going on all along. If instant karma isn’t something to wag your tail about, we don’t know what is. next
Here are Some Absolutely Amazing Gifs
Amazing Storm Rolls Over the City This looks like it’s a deleted scene from “The Day After Tomorrow.” Obviously this is sped up but that’s still one really fast approaching storm, and I wouldn’t want to be standing beneath it. …
Most Sexist Ad Campaigns
Burger King It’ll blow your mind away. Who does this ad really hurt though, if not everyone? Ad agencies really need to think these things over. next
Very Inappropriate Vintage Ads
It’s Just Like Milk! Forget the whole breast milk vs. formula debate, what your kid really needs is sugar water. Yes, that’s right: sugar helps your baby grow strong and sturdy bones. With just a sip of 7-Up, your child …
Ridiculous Knock Off Toys fails
Anger Birds When angry is just too aggressive, these ill-tempered feathered creatures will irk you, but only slightly. And if you don’t like that, maybe you can just talk about it. They’re fairly level headed. Should you want to hug …
Before Going to College Things u should Knew
Friends and Relationships are Important College will be one of the best opportunities in your life to make new friends and create romantic bonds. A college campus is a great place to make relationships that could last a lifetime. Make …
Drinks That Will Always Give You a Hangover
Incredible Hulk This powerful green cocktail is made with 2 oz of Hennessy cognac and 2 oz of Hpnotiq liqueur. The combination of these two sweet, strong alcoholic ingredients makes it very easy for one to wake up the next …
Popular brands with subliminal messages in their logos
Coca-Cola Subliminal messages aren’t always easy to find, especially in popular logos most of us see every day. The most popular brand being Coca-Cola which lends a tribute to its European locations with its white font where each “O” crosses …
Crazy Good Swimming Pools Worldwide
Sea Bed Some people have mastered the skill to relax on the surface of the water and just allow the current to take them whenever it wants on the surface. All who has done know its divine. For everybody else …
Biggest Zodiac Mismatches
Cancer and Sagittarius Surprisingly, these two can often times be too much a like to make a great match. You are more likely to find a great friend in the other, but nothing beyond the friend zone is likely to …