Over The Top Makeup Fails ?
Top Makeup Fails Makeup can be a girl’s best friend or her worst enemy! These gals take makeup “application and wearing” beyond what we’ve ever seen before.
How Women Transform With Makeup
Make Up You could not convince most people that this is the same person! With the colorful contacts, she looks like she’s barely even related to the woman underneath all of that makeup! Red Lip Red lipstick is a quick …
Check out Celebrity make-up fails!
Holland Roden: White as a Ghost Although Roden’s face foundation shade matches the rest of her coloring, she still manages to look overly powdered. Perhaps the ‘Teen Wolf’ actress might’ve preferred a role in ‘True Blood’? next
Before and After Makeup Celebs
Heidi Klum This German beauty proves below she’s not always ready for the runway. But on a family day out, we suppose we’ll give her a pass. One things this proves however, is that a little makeup can work wonders! …
Beautiful Goth Makeup
Gothier Than Thou Wow, she’s unnervingly beautiful in true goth fashion and the saran wrap dress completes the look! This is when fun makeup experimentation comes into play. Yes, goths can have fun! Play around with colors, tones and textures …