Best Dressed Kids on the Planet

Destined to Be Stylish

When the world learned that stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, was pregnant, there was no doubt that she would birth a total fashion hound. Little Skyler Berman is his mother’s style puppet, always looking like, and probably costing, a million bucks. Word is his nursery cost over 80 grand. Too bad the little guy will probably pee, poop and vomit all over everything 1000 thread count shirt and sheet. Because, you know that’s what kids do. I suppose the Berman’s can afford to just throw everything out and start over. But where is the life lesson in this for the little model man? We can’t wait until he wants to wear his dirty spiderman costume EVERYWHERE. Style that Rachel.

The Million Dollar Manchild

This little boy is the coolest kid in the world. How do we know this? 1) He’s dressed to impress with layers galore. 2) He’s obviously going on some kind of James Bond style mission. 3) The haircut. 4) The cross around his neck. 5) The monogrammed luggage tag. Only really stylish people have those because they are important.

His serious expression hides that fact that behind closed doors he can really let loose. Sometimes he drinks two juice boxes in a row. We can’t prove this, but he loves a sugar high. I think we’ve already said too much. Go on your stylish quest little man, and out dress them all. Wait, you already have.

She Dresses Better Than You

Of course it helps Aila Wang’s Uncle is famous fashion designer Alexander Wang. She is THE best dressed person spotted at NYC Fashion week. From her designer snakeskin dress (by said uncle) to her little Chanel bag (eee!) she drips darling everywhere. And she is the only person to choose functional footwear, her Nike kicks, to walk around the city while taking in the fashion. You other women in 12 inch heels should take heed. You look ridiculous and you are killing your feet. Aila laughs at you. She dresses better than you too.