Animals who overcame their disabilities with awe-inspiring prosthetics

One Tortoise’s Toy is Another’s Prosthetic Leg

This is Schildi, the German tortoise who successfully underwent Lego leg attachment surgery in recent months. Found wounded by its current owners with maggots devouring portions of its front leg, Schildi was taken to the turtle hospital for emergency surgery. The double wide wheel didn’t have the radius ideal to win races so a single wheel device was rigged from the Lego set. Who says innovation is dead?

Beauty the Bald Eagle Gets a New Beak

The bald eagle is one of our most recognizable national symbols, the animal that most represents the principles of America. Already an endangered species, killing a bald eagle is up there with refusing to eat apple pie as far as anti-American offenses go. So when one is injured and needs a new beak, the president puts the best and brightest scientists on the task of fixing it. Patriotism drives technology, plain and simple.